Endian represents the byte order in the number. If the number is multi bytes, the user should say which byte comes first. Let’s take one simple example,

(439041101)10  = (1A 2B 3C 4D)16

Where 439041101 is a decimal number and the corresponding hexadecimal number is 1A2B3C4D. So it is a 4 bytes number. 0x1A is MSB (most significant Byte) and 0x4D is LSB (Least significant byte)

Endianness mostly used in computing, two types of endianness are there,

  1. Big-endian
  2. Little-endian
  3. Middle-endian


Big-endian means, MSB comes first in byte order. It is a conventional method of number representation, this means big-endian taken place in daily life. Big-endian order used in programming languages(C, C++, Python,….) and networking protocols(UDP, IP, TCP).


Little-endian means, LSB comes first in byte order. Little-endian order used in processor architecture (ARM, EEPROM, X86, …etc.,).

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