Python Learning tips for Beginners

Python Learning tips for Beginners.

First of all Congratulation!!! Python learning creates a good carrier path; here I am sharing my learning tips.

  1. Choose and install right python IDE (IDLE, Spyder, PyCharm, etc.,)
  2. Follow any one of tutorial site or books
  3. Work out more exercise in online as well as in offline
  4. Learn to do debugging
  5. Learn from bug; follow or join in the discussion form
  6. Learn the basics
      • Write HelloWorld and analysis to be done
      • Data types and variable declaration
      • List, tuple, and dictionary
    • Basic arithmetic and bitwise operation (+,-,*,/,^.&,|)
    • Decision making (if, if..else)
    • Loops(for, while)
    • Functions
    • Classes and objects
    • Use other packages and
    • Write your packages
  7. Based on profession and interest select and library
  8. Last but not least; practice, practice, and practice. This three mantras applicable for any learn

If we are master in the above list of basics, we can handle any kind of python package library.


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